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For Students

Our primary focus is to provide students with resources to allow them to meet their career goals with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. No matter where you are in your journey we have resources to push you through to the next step with advice and resources from people who have been in your shoes before.

"I benefited greatly from networking within in the community. I got to speak with the people who made the videos in the course, and I got to speak with some guests from the It's a Material World podcast! For me, the networking was the most helpful for deciding what industry I wanted. It even helped me land an interview at Nike for a dream job as an R&D Engineer!"

Bennett Smith

Free Professional Development Guide

This guide has been curated to answer some of the most common questions we receive when it comes to obtaining job opportunities in MSE:

  • How to effectively use LinkedIn to get an inside connection with your target companies

  • How to craft a great resume that will differentiate you from other MSE candidates

  • How to efficiently prepare for engineering interviews

  • What to do in college that will differentiate you from other job candidates


MSE Company Database

Wondering where to begin in a job search? Well we have done some of that work for you:

  • Discover 105+ companies that hire Materials Science and Engineering students.

  • Find internship and full-time job titles that previous MSEs have successfully applied for.

  • Identify the various industry sectors and geographical locations you can work in as an MSE


MSE Academy

The all-in-one career advancement course designed for MSEs by MSEs.  Obtaining a job can be stressful, believe us we have been there. Filling out hundreds of applications with few responses, succeeding in classes, and trying to care for your mental/physical wellbeing can be a lot. Well we are here to help, we spent hundreds of hours networking so that you don’t have to! We’re providing industry-specific insights, resumes, and mentorship from MSEs in every industry to give MSEs like you a clear and actionable blueprint to find and land your dream job.



There are tens of thousands of students just like you who are studying MSE right now. There are also countless industry professionals who have used their degrees to do some incredible things. One of our goals is to create a community of passionate individuals who advise, aid and push one another to reach their goals. If this interests you please consider joining our discord community at the link above.

For Students


If you are an industry professional or academic partner looking to expand your network of MSE students look no further. Consider partnering with us to gain access to our vast community, exclusive resources, and content that can be catered directly to your business needs. 

Through current partnerships we have created exclusive podcast content, coordinated info sessions at various universities, connected students with job opportunities at new companies, and are currently in the process of facilitating a design competition for one of our partners!

Digital Network

Industry Tier 1

As a tier one partner we are looking for companies who are willing to make a year long commitment to working with us. At this level you will receive full immersion into our community (university partners and Discord). You will also have the opportunity to place your industry professionals in our podcast episodes OR create advertised content as desired. These contracts are flexible to meet your business goals and needs.

Fist Bump

Industry Tier 2

As tier 2 partner, you will pay a one time fee to us and will receive the ability to create advertisements on our podcast once a month (as desired). As a tier 2 partner the contracts and pricing can be flexible to meet your business needs. However, at this level you will NOT receive full community immersion or the opportunity to create podcast content with us.

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Our university partners are critical to the success of our business. If you want to provide unique and meaningful career resources catered directly for MSE students then you have come to the right place. By partnering with us we will  provide opportunities to work with our MSE Academy, gain access to our free resources, and have the ability to work with our industry partners to bring added value to your academic programming.  


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