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Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Materials Science

During our time as MSE students, we’ve come across a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding the field of materials science.

We wanted to address some of the things we’ve heard in the past in case anybody is having second thoughts about this versatile field!

➡️ “Nobody hires MSE students.”

Demand for materials scientists and engineers continues to increase across several industries!

➡️ “It’s all rote memorization.”

While some memorization is involved, MSEs make an impact by creatively applying these concepts to develop the next generation of high-performance materials.

➡️ “Everyone ends up in the steel or textile industry.”

The guests we’ve brought onto our podcast are great examples of MSEs playing a role in many other sectors, including healthcare, renewable energy, aerospace, and semiconductors!

➡️ “You would be stuck in the lab all day.”

If the lab environment isn’t for you, you can find a career requiring less lab time, such as manufacturing engineering, entrepreneurship, or project engineering.

What other misconceptions are out there surrounding this field?

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