How To Maximize Future Job Opportunities as an MSE Student

How would you maximize future job opportunities if you were currently a Materials Science and Engineering student?

Looking back on the past four years, a few recommendations came to mind:

🔹 Conduct research in fields that you’re interested in

🔹 Learn hands-on skills in materials testing and materials characterization

🔹 Consider pursuing an advanced degree, as this opens up more options and differentiates you from other candidates

🔹 Learn CAD (Computer-Aided Design) if you’re interested in design engineering

🔹 If you can get an internship or co-op during college, that is a significant boost!

🔹 Pursue Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) or work at a national lab

🔹 Step into leadership positions in student organizations--companies want to see that you have soft skills to complement your technical skills

🔹 Arrange informational interviews and build strong relationships--your network is essential!

🔹 Side projects can show recruiters you’re a lifelong learner

What would you add? What else do recruiters look for in recent graduates?

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