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Why We Chose to Major in Materials Science and Engineering

Why did we choose to major in Materials Science and Engineering?

We reflected on this decision today, and it came down to a few reasons for the both of us.


📝 “I daydreamed about destroying cancer cells with nanobots after taking an online course in nanotechnology in high school”

📝 “I loved chemistry in high school and wanted to explore the area further at Tech”

📝 “I was inspired by the idea that the smallest things can make the biggest difference”


📝 “Subconsciously, when I was little I liked to modify the properties of sand at the beach by changing the amount of shells that I put into the sand, how wet the sand was, etc.”

📝 “I wanted to continue studying something that was Chemistry related in college”

📝 “A lot of the ways that I saw that I could make a positive impact on the world in high school were in solving issues that had a materials science component to it”

Why did you end up in the field of Materials Science and Engineering? We’d love to hear your story!

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