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Resume Tips for Engineering Students

In the past few years, I’ve asked multiple recruiters what they look for in an engineering student’s’s what I’ve learned:

💼 Show that you have soft skills and can work with a team--internship and leadership experiences work great for this.

💼 Show you are well-rounded! Add a line regarding your interests outside of school or talk about that personal project you’ve been working on that has nothing to do with your major

💼 Your resume should tell a story--don’t just explain what you did, show how you made an impact on your company, student organization, etc.

💼 Add numbers or percentages to demonstrate the extent of your impact and give context (Example: Established troubleshooting procedures to reduce downtime by 75%)

💼 Your resume should be tailored to the company you’re applying for. Incorporate keywords from the job summary into your resume.

As career fairs and job searches turn virtual, it’s important to show your passion and stand out. Use your LinkedIn network to get your foot in the door with target’ll make a world of a difference.

You got this!

What other resume tips would you add?

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