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Materials Engineering in Black Panther's Suit

Have you ever thought about the materials engineering that’s incorporated into Black Panther’s suit? While vibranium is a fictional material, its properties are worth diving into!

T’Challa’s necklace, for starters, stores nanobots that remain dormant until he triggers them, after which they weave across his entire body in an instant to form his vibranium-based Black Panther suit!

Shuri, the brilliant mastermind that she is, also figured out a way to convert kinetic energy from bullets and other attacks into stored potential energy.

This allows T’Challa to not only protect himself from kinetic impacts (like bullets) but also to refocus that energy outward into a devastating blast without hurting himself.

Black Panther’s sneakers also utilize nanotechnology for stealth purposes. Its vibranium absorbs all sounds so that he can move silently. The sneakers also can absorb energy to protect T’Challa from shock damage, allowing him to run at high speeds and fall from great heights!

Materials engineering, and nanotechnology specifically, seem to make appearances in movies whenever next-generation technology is required.

How long do you think it will take until these technologies become a reality?

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